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Resources for Fashion Entrepreneurs: Fashion Books

The books in the scrolls below cover topics pertaining to the business of fashion, fashion design, and Le Sapeur and African fashion. All of these books can be checked out, and you can find out the status of the each book in each scroll by clicking on it and reading the library's catalog record. You can also use the catalog to place holds on the books that are checked out, and you can click on the "Subject" links to find other similar books. These books were selected by the Arts, Music, Media, and Sports staff at the Central Library as well as the Business & Career Center staff at the Central Library. 

Example "Subject" Terms: Dressmaking -- Pattern Design., Fashion Merchandising., and Dandies -- Pictorial Works.


The Business of Fashion

Fashion Entrepreneur

FASHION ENTREPRENEUR, now in its 2nd EDITION, is essential reading for those planning to set up and run a successful business within the fashion and creative industries. This book guides the reader through the process of creating a fashion business (including online businesses); spotting and exploiting opportunities, networking to build a personal network of useful contacts, writing a business plan, branding and marketing, and how to manage a business on a day-to-day basis.

Fashion Design Course

This latest edition of Fashion Design Course helps aspiring fashion designers learn about: How the digital age impacts education and the design process from research right through to the finished product Customer Profiles: demographics, psychographics, the role of advertising, and more Creating a unique vision with help from ethnographic research, design considerations, iconic films and their impact on fashion design, and developing a fabric story Cultivating your design collection through process and investigation while using Mood Boards, Garment Construction, and more

Global Sourcing in the Textile and Apparel Industry

Over 95% of today's textile and apparel products are globally sourced, making sourcing one of the most important business functions in the industry. Global Sourcing in the Textile and Apparel Industry,2nd Edition examines this crucial function in the textile and apparel industries, providing practical insight into both how and why global sourcing is pursued.

Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion offers creatives, entrepreneurs & ethical consumers alike a glimpse into the innovative world of the eco-concept store movement that puts people, livelihoods and sustainability central to everything they do. This book curates pioneering people and projects that will inspire you to be part of the movement. With full colour photography and illustration throughout, Slow Fashion profiles those people bringing better, more sustainable alternatives to the mainstream.

Where Stylists Shop

Booth Moore, visionary fashion editor at The Hollywood Reporter, brings together her A-list rolodex, insider knowledge, and industry access to create the definitive guide to shopping around the world. As an international authority on fashion and style, she interviews top celebrity stylists, bloggers, fashion designers, and other tastemakers to give readers the ultimate guide to the best boutiques, brands, websites, and bargains that every fashionista should know.

Social Media for Fashion Marketing

Social Media for Fashion Marketing uses cutting edge case studies and detailed interviews to show how the business of fashion is changing in the digital landscape. Bendoni (@BendoniStyle) also considers the psychological impact of being a hyper-connected consumer and the generational gaps in social media communication. Using academic research alongside her 25 years of fashion marketing experience to offer a clear picture of the changing narrative of storytelling, social confirmation, digital nesting and how to use data to shape a brand's online presence.

In Fashion

This third edition of the best-selling In Fashion offers a concise and colorful overview of the key components of fashion-from its history, movements, and trends-to the materials, producers, and retailers that impact the business on a global level. Fashion students will gain a foundation and language for understanding how the current fashion industry works and explore an array of exciting career opportunities.

200 Skills Every Fashion Designer Must Have

Fashion is all about experimenting with styles, pushing the boundaries, and setting new trends. But despite changing seasons and tastes, the staple skills necessary for a fashion designer always stay the same. 200 Skills Every Fashion Designer Must Have offers a practical overview of the core concepts and techniques required.

The business of fashion : designing, manufacturing, and marketing

Information on the design, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of fashion products within a global context. Research-based content provides insight on the organization and operation of textiles, apparel, accessories, and home fashion companies, as well as the effect of technological, organizational, and global changes on every area of the business. Updated discussions of technologies, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable practices are incorporated throughout the text.

Fashion packaging now

The highly competitive world of retail branding and brand packaging is evident in the increasing demand for creating unique, eye-catching and recognizable clothing packaging designs. Designers continue to focus their talent by leveraging striking visual devices into an internal and external messaging system via the product's packaging design, which acts as a portable and extendable marketing tool. 

Steampunk & cosplay : fashion design & illustration

Fashion Design & Illustration is designed to appeal to both fashion enthusiasts and steampunk cosplay fans alike. Whether your dream is to become a fashion designer, or you simply want to combine your artistic skills with a love for steampunk fashion and culture, the tips, tricks, tools, and step-by-step projects in this book provide you with everything you need to learn to design and draw an assortment of cosplay outfits.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design Techniques

Covering the basic principles and the creative techniques behind making effective design drawingsthe central pillar of fashion designthis guide is perfect for students as well as for professionals working in all branches of the garment and fashion industries. From hand drawing to using software applications, it explains how to create drawings that clearly and precisely illustrate the shape, material, pattern, color, and other elements of garments.

Fashion Patternmaking Techniques Vol. 2

This second volume of Fashion Patternmaking Techniques, guides readers through and examine the various procedures for transforming bodices, through dart manipulation as well as studying techniques for creating volumes, draping, and fitted patterns. The book includes techniques for creating patterns for knit fabrics; basic dress blocks and how to adapt these to different fabric patterns and types of garment (for example, maternity dresses); sleeves; basic blocks for men's vests and jackets; size grading for tops and dresses and the fundamentals of pattern layout.

The Art of Fashion Illustration

The Art of Fashion Illustration is the ultimate guide to fashion sketching. Inside, you'll find more than 150 beautiful illustrations from the international community's masters of illustration and rising stars including Adriana Krawcwicz, Sarah Beetson, Pippa McManus, Sarah Hankinson, Nuno Da Costa, Lovisa Burfitt, and Erin Petson.

Fashion Patternmaking Techniques [ Vol. 3 ]

This volume explores and provides clear and detailed and in detail illustrated explanations of all kinds of outerwear patterns for women and men. Antonio Donnannois a patternmaking techniques teacher, fashion school director, and author of dozens of fashion books.

Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing

Gretchen "Gertie" Hirsch is a passionate home seamstress, a sought-after sewing teacher, and the creator of one of the web''s most popular sewing blogs: Gertie''s New Blog for Better Sewing. The blog began as a way for readers to follow Hirsch''s progress as she stitched all 14 fashions from the iconic 1950s sewing book Vogue''s New Book for Better Sewing (a Julie & Julia-esque experiment for the modern sewist).

Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method

Learn how to customize your clothes--designing new pattern shapes, style lines, and fashion details with Sara Alm's easy-to-follow instruction! In Sara Alm's Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method, sewers learn a technique that opens up myriad possibilities for making one-of-a-kind garments. By using basic pattern blocks called slopers, Alm shows sewers how to design new shapes, style lines, and fashion details--creating patterns for nearly any piece of clothing they want to sew.

Creative Techniques of Fashion Illustration

Fashion is an integral part of our life, and fashion illustrators are people who portray the fashion on paper. The book selects almost 200 projects of fashion illustrators world wide, combining with design rules and criteria to give a systematic account of fashion illustration, including mainly: basic knowledge, performance, performing techniques, and illustrating techniques. World-renowned fashion illustrators are invited to talk about their working process.

How to Machine Sew

Learn the ins and outs of using a sewing machine with How to Machine Sew. This accessible introduction to machine sewing will teach you everything you need to get started, including basic machine stitches, making seams and hems, binding edges, and working with zippers.

The Dressmaker's Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques

Packed with professional techniques and tips, The Dressmaker's Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques takes the mystery out of the sewing and finishing techniques that many dressmakers assume are either extremely difficult or are only for professional fashion designers. Fashion designer and expert sewist Lynda Maynard tackles each professional technique with clear instructions in simple step-by-step stages.

Sourcing Ideas

Sourcing Ideas: Researching colour, surface, structure, texture and pattern is a visual goldmine for designers hungry for inspiration. The book includes a huge array of beautiful and diverse images, but it is more than a sourcebook. Using a number of different approaches, it teaches readers how to look for inspiration in the world around them, and how to extract visual information from a variety of sources using five key themes - colour, surface, structure, texture and pattern.

Crafting wearables : blending technology with fashion

Wearables are in a sense the most organic and natural interface we can design, yet there is still doubt about how quickly wearable technologies will become the cultural norm. Furthermore, skills that have become less valuable over the years, such as sewing, are making a return with the wearables movement. Crafting Wearables guides you through the basics of embedding circuits into clothing and accessories, while giving a wider perspective on the evolution of the field.

Fashion Academy Inspiration

Fashion Tribes

In Fashion Tribes, award-winning photographer Daniele Tamagni has tracked down and recorded some of the most surprising and colorful international fashion subcultures. Through documentary shots and staged portraiture, he's captured heavy metal rockers in Botswana, hipsters in Johannesburg, dandies in the Congo, female wrestlers in Bolivia, "bling bling" youth in Cuba, punks in Burma, and models in Senegal.

Africa Rising

African fashion and design is colorful, unconventional, fresh, elegant, and self-confident. Africa Rising showcases the work of young creatives from the continent's vibrant metropolises. Africa's young, self-confident creative scene is attracting worldwide attention and its work is showing the continent in a new light.

African-Print Fashion Now!

African-Print Fashion Now! introduces visitors to a dynamic and diverse African dress tradition and the increasingly interconnected fashion worlds that it inhabits: "popular" African-print styles created by local seamstresses and tailors across the continent; international runway fashions designed by Africa's newest generation of couturiers; and boundary-breaking, transnational, and youth styles favored in Africa's urban centers.

African Catwalk

Photographer Per-Anders Pettersson documents the emerging African fashion industry in exclusive behind-the-scenes photographs. From 2010 to 2015 he has visited about sixteen countries, more than forty fashion events, and gotten exclusive access to many designers on the continent.


Focusing on a single Malian textile identified variously as bogolanfini, bogolan, or mudcloth, Victoria L. Rovine traces the dramatic technical and stylistic innovations that have transformed the cloth from its village origins into a symbol of new internationalism.

The Sustainable Fashion Handbook

This sourcebook on all aspects of sustainable fashion encompasses not only the environmental issues presented by a wasteful and fast-moving fashion cycle but also the social impact of the global fashion industry, which employs up to forty million people worldwide in manufacturing and agriculture.

Sustainable fashion and textiles : design journeys

Innovative ways of thinking about textiles and garments based on sustainability values and an interconnected approach to design.

Anatomy of steampunk : the fashion of Victorian futurism

Originally conceived as a literary genre, the term "steampunk" described stories set in a steam-powered, science fiction-infused, Victorian London. Today steampunk has grown to become an aesthetic that fuels many varied artforms. Steampunk has also widened its cultural scope. Many steampunk practitioners, rather than confining their vision to one European city, imagine steam-driven societies all over the world. Today the vibrance of steampunk inspires a wide range of individuals, including designers of high fashion, home sewers, crafters, and ordinary folks.

Steampunk & cosplay : fashion design & illustration

Whether your dream is to become a fashion designer, or you simply want to combine your artistic skills with a love for steampunk fashion and culture, the tips, tricks, tools, and step-by-step projects in this book provide you with everything you need to learn to design and draw an assortment of cosplay outfits.

Conflict and costume : the Herero tribe of Namibia

The magnificent traditional costume of the Herero of Namibia, southern Africa, is a stark reminder of the country's tumultuous past. Set against the Namibian landscape, these dramatic images show the striking costumes and their proud owners to full effect: men in elaborate, home-made paramilitary uniforms, and women in spectacular floor-length frocks with matching horns.


Sustainability and social change in fashion

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice -- Product life cycle -- Longevity of use -- Supply chain assurance and transparency -- Sustainable business logistics and distribution -- Sustainable communities -- Goals, plans, and trends in creating sustainable supply chains.