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Resources for Fashion Entrepreneurs: Consumer Research

Mintel Reports Academic

Mintel Reports Academic is the best resource that the library subscribes to for constructing a consumer profile and understanding consumer behavior. Their expert analysts construct their own in-depth surveys to understand customers for each industry segment, and the consumer section will even have quotes from the surveyed individuals about their purchasing behavior. These reports are done on a national level on a yearly basis, but they are often supplemented through the year with analyst insights.

Media Kits and Audience Metrics

Another way to determine your target consumer is by looking at media kits for online or print publications that your customers may read as well as looking at their online metrics. Even if you do not plan on advertising with these publications or websites, you can use these demographic characteristics in your Social Media advertising or when you are constructing a direct mail campaign. The image below is an example of a consumer snapshot form Hearst's media kit, which is Marie Claire, InStyle, and more. You can also use sites like Quantcast to view detailed viewer profiles for websites, and you can sign up to have your own site quantified.

Hearst Media Kit

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Mapping Local Customers

The library subscribes to a number of databases that allow you to map consumer variables against a set geography or that allow to construct and compare location based reports that contain consumer demographic and psychographic information. Most of this information comes from a combination of government data from the census and consumer expenditure surveys and information from third party providers like Nielsen. This is useful when you want to open your own brick and mortar location or when you are looking to sell to physical retailers. Both Mergent Intellect and SimplyAnalytics allow you to construct searches using the Nielsen PRIZM "best customer" segments. These segments group potential customers by demographic and lifestyle choices to create a best customer profile. The image below is an example of a Nielsen PRIZM segment, and you can click on that image to learn more about the other PRIZM segments.

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Example Map from Simply Analytics

SimplyAnalytics sample map