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The Basics of Banking: Home

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Virtual Financial Coaching

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Do you have questions about credit or debt? The Financial Coaching Corps (FCC) can help you manage your money, find resources in a financial crisis, and make progress toward your financial goals. 

Make an appointment with a coach from the Financial Coaching Corps of the Community Service Society of NY. At this time all coaching is virtual by phone or Google Meet. 

Please select an appointment date and a financial coach will confirm your appointment by e-mail.
If you have questions about financial coaching, email us at

Virtual Financial Coaching is a service of Brooklyn Public Library's partner, Community Service Society.

What is a Bank?

     A bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits from customers, and holds that money for them. The benefit of using a bank is that it will protect your money (up to a certain amount) and offer conveniences for you, such as an interest on your savings, or ways to pay your bills quickly (usually through electronic transfer).

     Banks offer their customers two main products: checking accounts and savings accounts. A checking account allows you to transfer money in order to pay bills or other forms of debt that you owe. A savings account allows you to save money over time, while paying you a (very modest) amount of interest on the money you have saved. Most banks will link your checking and savings account, if you open both, and allow you to transfer money from one to the other.


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