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Books and e-resources available at Brooklyn Public Library, as well as comprehensive web sites, that can help you make a more informed college decision and help you navigate the financial aid process.

BPL College Connect 

Brooklyn Public Library is now offering online one-on-one college guidance for anyone looking to explore post-secondary education. 12th grade students are especially encouraged to make an appointment.

If you are thinking about applying to college or another post-secondary educational program, you can book an online appointment with a BPL staff member who will help process, including:
• Finding the right college program for you
• Exploring non-college options such as technical certificates
• Completing your CUNY, SUNY or private school applications
• Applying for financial aid (FAFSA, TAP)

To book an appointment online:

Contact the Library!

Connect with a Brooklyn Public Librarian via chat, email or phone!

College Choice and Financial Aid Resources at Brooklyn Public Library


Why consider college? Statistics say that on average, an individual who holds a bachelor's degree will earn $1 million more over the course of their career than an individual who doesn't -- and many will earn much more. More and more jobs today are requiring a college degree, even careers where the level of education would not seem to be important.


College is a major investment, and choosing the one that fits your needs can be an exceedingly difficult decision. The questions listed on the sidebar are only some of the major considerations to take into account. Click on the tabs at the top of the screen to see some of the resources Brooklyn Public Library has that can make this important choice an easier one. Also refer to our Calendar of Events for periodic college workshops.




Choosing the Right College

  • Which college offers the major and academic programs I want?
  • Which college has the support services I need?
  • Do I want to stay local or am I comfortable going far away?
  • Would I be most comfortable on a small campus or a larger one?
  • What colleges are my grades and SAT/ACT test scores a fit for?

Affording the College of Your Choice

  • Which colleges offer the most financial aid?
  • What is the tuition/fees at the college of my choice?
  • Am I ready to fill out the FAFSA?
  • Am I eligible for special scholarships and grants?
  • Am I prepared for the indirect costs of college (e.g. travel costs, books and supplies, food, clothing, etc.)?