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Starting a Child Care Business: Child Care Books

Regulations and Resources for starting an in-home child care center

Useful Terms When Searching for Books

The library has several books and eBooks on starting and operating a child care business, as well books on important considerations when working with young children such as quality and educational standards. You can click on the links to subject headings below to find pertinent titles in the library catalog.

Child Care
Family Child Care
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Childcare Books

Family Child Care Business Planning Guide

Helps new and established family child care providers give their business solid footing for the future.

Family Child Care Legal and Insurance Guide

This easy-to-read guide takes the intimidation out of running a family child care business through legal and insurance planning. From researching and purchasing homeowner's, liability, auto and disability insurance to protecting against lawsuits, the Family Child Care Legal and Insurance Guide details the many practical ways business owners can maximize their knowledge about the safeguards needed to ensure the health and prosperity of their businesses.

Family Child Care Marketing Guide, Second Edition

Filled with information to effectively market a family child care program and maximize enrollment and income, Family Child Care Marketing Guide provides dozens of marketing tips and inexpensive ideas including use of technology and social media as marketing tools.

Family Child Care Contracts and Policies

The completely revised and expanded version of this best-selling business classic gives home-based child care providers the most updated tools needed to establish and enforce contracts and policies, build trust between provider and parent, and demonstrate provider professionalism. This new edition includes a CD-ROM with customizable worksheets and forms for creating a policy handbook and contracts designed specifically for your business.

Family Child Care Record-Keeping Guide, Ninth Edition

This resource covers everything family child care providers need to keep accurate business records. If a family child care provider pays close attention to the recommendations in this book, he or she will be able to claim the maximum allowable deductions and pay the lowest possible federal taxes.

The Redleaf Family Child Care Curriculum

This leading resource is a specifically designed curriculum for family child-care providers. They will be able to incorporate best practices and activities appropriate for the mixed ages of children in their care. Developmental domains and milestones, learning areas, age-appropriate activities and outcomes, and more are included.

Family Child Care Inventory-Keeper

The Family Child Care Inventory-Keeper is an easy-to-use log that enables you to track the furniture, appliances, and other items you use in your home-based family child care (daycare) business. Once you identify these items, you can reduce your taxes by depreciating them as business expenses.

Family Child Care Survival Guide to Visits, Inspections, and Interviews

Learn the skills and best practices to make receiving visits more productive and worry-free As a family child care professional, you nurture and teach children during their most formative years. Being a family child care provider also means you must attend to families, licensors, food program representatives, coaches, and other people who visit your in-home business. This guide is filled with everything you need to successfully prepare for and host visits from people involved in the operation and regulation of your business.