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Business Planning Guide: Business Plans

What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is not a static document that you write once, and writing a business plan doesn't automatically guarantee success. On the other hand, a business plan will allow you to set targets for your business and to communicate your strategy and vision for your team. It also gives you a framework to evaluate your strategy and your financials and determine whether you need to make any changes. Writing a business plan also gives you document to show banks and other potential sources of financing that your business is viable, and a solid plan can also help you negotiate favorable rates from banks and investors. The video below was created by, and explains this in greater detail.

"Creating a Business Plan" Video Course

Books and eBooks

There are several books and eBooks in the Library Catalog on how to write a business plan. In addition to our general business planning books, we also have several books on how to start a business in a particular industry, and these books also cover how to write a business plan. Click the Subject Headings below to find our general business plan writing books and eBooks.

Business Planning

Small Business -- Planning

New Business Enterprises -- Planning

Several of the books and eBooks on how to start a business in a particular industry in the Library Catalog or either from the Home-Based Business Series or Entrepreneur Magazine's start up series. Click the series links below to see if there is a book on your industry or search for other titles by keyword searching "how to start a" and keywords about your type of business.

"Home Based Business Series"

"Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up"  

Business Plans Handbook

A great way to start a business plan is to look at business plans that have been written by entrepreneurs or small business owners in your industry. For years, Gale has compiled actual business plans written by actual business people across North America into a publication called the "Business Plans Handbook." All of these business plans are accessible remotely with your library card and PIN through the learning resources listed below.

Business Plans Handbook 

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Other Sample Business Plans

Business Plan Templates

Learning Resources